Clinical Crown Lengthening:

This procedure is used to increase the length of the visible part of the tooth by moving the gum down the side of the root, thus exposing more of the tooth itself. This is achieved by replacing the entire biological zone further down the side of the tooth. It involves cutting both the gum & bone around the tooth. This procedure can be done in an area of complete health or one affected by periodontal disease.


In a healthy area the idea of the procedure would be to realign the gum outline:

  • where teeth appear too short & square, cutting the gum back, will make them seem longer & narrower,
  • where a crown needs to be placed, but where there is very little tooth structure to work with (fractured teeth / patients grinding teeth away) – crown lengthening will create more length in the tooth & therefore better crown retention.

Clinical crown lengthening prior to full rehab - perio surgery & rehab by Prosthodontist (pre- &post op):